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Client Billing Policy

Gray & Gray and Associates, CPAs, P.C.

Client Billing Policy


Our firm, a full-service CPA firm, provides our clients highly professional and expert service at a fair and reasonable price.  The services offered to our clients provide value and are of superior quality.  Our services include the following deliverables but are not limited to a tax return and assistance with related notices, tax audits, accounting services, financial statements, letters, reports, meetings, emails or phone calls.   

What we sell - All we have to sell is our time and knowledge; we have no products to sell to you. We have spent many years becoming very knowledgeable and educated in tax and accounting matters.  In addition, we are required to continue our education annually to maintain our licenses. When you contact us it is because you need our knowledge and assistance with something. This is when our time becomes billable.  

Fees - We base our fees on time required at our regular rates for the type of services and personnel assigned plus out-of-pocket costs. We also give consideration to the difficulty and size of the assignment, the degree of skill required, time limitations imposed on us by others, the experience and ability of the personnel assigned, the nature of the project, the level of cooperation by the client’s staff, and the value of the services to the client.  We reserve the right to increase or decrease our fees based on the value of the services rendered. 

Payment for Services - Payment is expected at the time that invoices are presented.  Invoices will generally be prepared at completion of a project and are due upon receipt.    With larger projects, or projects that are delayed for any reason, we may issue progress invoices throughout the time services are provided.    For routine or ongoing services, such as bookkeeping or general consulting, invoices will be issued monthly.   Pay online at  

Telephone conversations and email – These are treated in the same manner as any other time spent on a client's behalf. If matters of substance are discussed, the time is charged and billed to the client. If you contact our office with a “general” question that we can quickly answer, we consider this a courtesy service, and you will not be billed for our time. Phone calls or emails requiring research, business or personal planning, tax compliance, etc. will be billed in accordance with our billing policy.

Statements - Issued for open balances periodically.   We accept cash, check or credit cards for payment for all invoices and all outstanding balances can be paid online at Please contact us as quickly as possible with any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding invoices or balances on statements. We reserve the right to suspend services if an account falls in arrears.  All invoices are due on receipt. 
Service Charges and Cessation of Services – Invoices left unpaid after 60 days from date of invoice will be charged a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR) until paid in full. We also reserve the right to cease any further services until satisfactory payment arrangements are made. In the event we stop work or withdraw from this engagement as a result of your failure to pay on a timely basis for services rendered, we shall not be liable for any damages that occur as a result of our ceasing to render services. Clients with unpaid balances will generally be required to pay past balances in full and a retainer may be charged for future work.   If, for any reason, the account is turned over to an attorney for collection, the costs of legal and professional services necessary to collect the balance due will be added to the account to cover our collection costs.  If you have concerns about your bill please contact our office regarding your individual circumstances.     

Retainers – For some projects we may require a retainer fee paid up front before work begins.   This is standard practice for new clients, large projects and or one-time projects, such as the preparation of delinquent returns.   Progress invoices will be issued monthly and are due in full until the project is completed at which time the retainer is applied to the final bill and or any overage will be returned to the client.

While our fees are intended to be non-negotiable, we are happy to address any billing or pricing concerns you may have.  If you have any questions regarding our Client Billing Policy, please contact us.   We look forward to serving you, and we appreciate your business.